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So, pretty much, I got lazy. And I got mad at photoshop. And both my mom and sister used our only good computer a lot for their school projects (who knew both Highschool and College require lots of essays and powerpoints?). I never did mean to stop posting stuff here, but it just kinda happened. I didn't, by any means, just quit drawing. If I could find all of the drawings I've made since I ceased to exist here, I'd be backlogged for a few months.

I am gonna try, once again, to make an effort to keep posting my doodles here. Who knows how long that might be, especially since I'm 18 and could be kicked out at any time. My little forum topic is going to be revived and I'll continue bashing my head into a wall for inspiration (and motivation).

I also noticed that stickam went down. I'm kinda wondering how everyone I was chatting with there are communicating in live chat now.

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2012-08-21 22:47:30 by Jimmey56

I'm not even sure if anyone checks this profile, but I'll do this anyway.

Well, I have about 8 or 10 drawings I still need to "process." That's mostly because I began to keep them until I learn something new about photoshop, and then I go back to all of them and try to implement that new technique. I am also dissatisfied with my art only because I just can't seem to find a style that I like AND is easy for me, as an individual, to use. I'm not exactly sure why, but I suspect that art class is to blame.

As for other things, I have a few ideas for videos and games I would like to implement. I am kind of planning on trying to do them on my own, but nothing ever goes according to my simple plans. If that's the case, well, I'll either have to get used to producing/directing or get better somehow. Not to mention that I'll probably take my time getting better.

I seriously wonder if anyone will ever read this.